39 Common Items TSA Will Take From You

Common items TSA will take from you

Do you know what’s forbidden to bring on an airplane? You should. But it’s hard to follow it all. I’m here to help. You’re probably familiar with the basics. Because we’re reminded of and must attest to not bringing them each time we check-in for a flight. This list will save you from getting shocked by TSA’s sticky fingers. Be prepared. Plan ahead. Know these 39 common items TSA will take from you.

I didn’t include generally recognized weapons and flammables. There are other odd items not included like the Galaxy Note 7.

39 Common Items (Alphabetical order)

  1. Aerosol Insecticide (Insect spray)
    • Maybe you have a serious case of Entomophobia.
  2. Alcoholic beverages over 140 proof
    • TSA obviously doesn’t like to party.
  3. Axes and Hatchets
  4. Bang Snaps
  5. Baseball Bats (and Cricket Bats)
  6. Bowling Pins
  7. Canoe/Kayak Paddles
  8. Cast Iron Cookware
  9. Chlorine for Pools
  10. Cooking Spray
  11. Corkscrews (with blade)
  12. Crowbars
  13. Darts
  14. Drills and Drill Bits
  15. Christmas Crackers
    • Know what these are? I didn’t either. Table decorations that make a snapping noise when opened.
  16. Fertilizer
  17. Foam Toy Sword
  18. Gel-Type Candles
  19. Golf Clubs
  20. Hammers and Mallets
  21. Heating Pad (Gel)
  22. Hiking Poles and Walking Sticks
    • Sorry older folks. You’ll need a wheelchair for boarding.
  23. Hockey and Lacrosse Sticks
  24. Liquid Bleach
  25. Magic 8 Ball
    • Probably to quell hysteria
  26. Night Sticks/Batons
  27. Party Poppers
    • I’d pop them at every landing
  28. Pepper Spray (any self-defense spray)
    • Oh, the possibilities. Best to keep the temptation at bay.
  29. Pocket Knife
  30. Pool Cues
  31. Realistic Replicas of Explosives and Firearms
    • Maybe you’re in the movie making business.
  32. Screwdriver (longer than 7 inches)
  33. Ski Poles
  34. Slingshots
    • A Nerf version could be fun
  35. Snow Cleats
  36. Spray Paint
    • Could you imagine what the lavatory would look like?
  37. Spray Starch
    • Ironing shirts onboard is strictly prohibited.
  38. Tent Spikes and Poles
  39. Turpentine and Paint Thinner

Want More?

Click this link to see TSA’s updated list of what you can bring.

Want even more detail? Read the head-scratching blog article TSA Year in Review 2019. The number of firearms found in carry-on luggage continues to climb year after year. A 5% increase from 2018. A whopping 87% of guns found going through security were loaded.

Regardless of your stance on guns, this TSA rule isn’t new. It’s unclear what TSA might do to curb the upward trend.

TSA Knows Star Wars

Who says the TSA doesn’t have a sense of humor. The Light Saber is my favorite carry-on approved item.

Although, what’s wrong with the foam toy sword then?

Read. Plan. Travel. Repeat!


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