Face Masks For Long Travel Days

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Last week our blog post discussed why face masks are part of a problem. The slow recovery for air travel demand problem. In case you missed it, wearing a mask is not everyone’s cup of tea. Especially if we need to wear face masks for long travel days. Long stretches of mask time create hesitance to some potential travelers.


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Part Of The Solution

Many of the current masks are uncomfortable and can be difficult to breathe in. The thought of spending hours wearing one or even attempting to sleep with one on while flying is causing some anxiety. That is a revenue killer for airlines trying to rebound from the crushing loss of demand due to the pandemic.

However, if travel-centric masks with comfort in mind were available, that would be one less reason to avoid flying.

Travleisure (Not worn personally)

The Travleisure Face Mask by NxTSTOP has the appearance of a comfy mask.

It ticks a lot of boxes including protection from airborne particles. It has bamboo and cotton options that sound comfortable. Their marketing claims it’s washable and breathable.

As stated, I have not personally worn this mask. And, cannot attest or otherwise disagree with their marketing.

Perhaps once I start planning trips again it may find it’s way into my carry-on.

Have A Winner?

If you have a mask to recommend, please let us know as a comment below or reaching out directly using our form.

Read. Plan. Travel. Repeat!


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