Know What Quarantine Policies Calm You To Travel Again

Know What Quarantine Policies Calm You To Travel Again

Among the COVID dirty words thrown around the past 6 months, quarantine is among the most despised. It’s a closed border crossing to our return to normalcy. Some adventurous travel experts are accepting the risks and boarding across ocean flights. What’s clear from their reports is diligence and perseverance are essential for a successful, unencumbered trip no matter where you’re headed. It’s important to understand and know what quarantine policies calm you to travel again.

The State Of The Travel Industry

The travel industry continues to grapple with prognosticating when traveling hordes will return along with industry profits. To the good ole days of the tourism golden age. Spoiler alert: Not any time soon.

Business travel is sputtering like an engine with barely any fuel left.

2022 and 2023 are years floated for a full return to glory. If the Spanish Flu Pandemic is any indication of future behavior, it might not be until 2024. That’s right. It took about 4 years for people around the world to feel comfortable to revert to old habits 100 years ago. You know, like hugging.

The U.S. State Department recently updated the global advisory for international travel. That’s a step forward.

What’s lost in all this madness is understanding what travelers are willing to endure. Many travel companies have an unwavering belief people will do almost anything to travel. That isn’t true. And we’re seeing it play out as travel restrictions change due to Covid.

Government Quarantine Policies Are Key

Leisure and business travelers have a common thread. Collectively we don’t want to lose time to explore or getting things done. The slightest chance a strict quarantine policy will sabotage these plans, introduces risk. Why bother?

Risk changes dramatically when visiting a country for a month or longer. A mandatory 14-day stay-in-your-room order may not matter as much in this scenario.

Here lies the problem. Typically leisure/vacation and business trips don’t last more than a month

What we can anticipate is countries with smart, traveler focused entry policies will see travelers first. They will reap the financial rewards with traveler convenience in mind.

Countries with mandatory stay-in-a-room quarantine steps will see a trickle of only the most determined souls. With these roadblocks in place, they don’t want tourists now anyway.

What’s Not Enticing

Look no further than Brian Kim’s trip to South Korea. He failed his temperature check at the airport. Then began a worrying journey. He met with soldiers and public health officials. Then ushered to “an official government quarantine location”. A nearly 4-hour affair which culminated in him staying the night at a local hotel waiting for test results.

Early the next morning he received the negative test result. Then he was allowed to travel to his Airbnb. And still needed to quarantine for there for 14-days.

He considered himself lucky since he has legal status in South Korea. He indicates foreigners without that legal status would isolate in a government facility somewhere.

Oh, no thank you.

What’s Alluring

Is it possible in these times to have your cake and eat it too? Yes! Countries like Turkey and Croatia are allowing visitors to arrive without a quarantine.

In Turkey’s case, unless you’re showing symptoms, you’re free to enter. You’ll be transported to a Turkish hospital if you happen to fail the medical screening upon arrival and test positive for coronavirus. That seems fine. You should get medical attention.

Croatia requires a negative Covid test within 48-hours of departure. Timing is difficult due to test result lag time. You need diligence and perseverance.

Somewhat alluring: Entering UAE mandates a negative Covid test conducted within 96 hours prior to departure. Dubai arrivals from Covid hot spot departure cities may require a “mini-quarantine” up to 48 hours.

Countries must strike a balance to get visitors if they want them. Each of us as travelers have a threshold. How badly do we want to make the journey?

Now You Know

Does the word quarantine makes you shiver with dread? It does for me. Traveling is about freedom and exploration. The Q word is the opposite.

It can’t co-exist in a vibrant world of travel.

Read. Plan. Travel. Repeat!


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