Planning To Fly? Watch Out For Brawls And Traveler Meltdowns

Planning To Fly? Watch Out For Brawls And Traveler Meltdowns

There is something in the air. Seriously, some people are losing their minds as they travel during a pandemic. Decency and decorum be damned! We’re seeing brawls breakout and disturbing behavior caught on video at airports and on planes. The lack of concern from those recording the events is worrisome too. Travel should be fun. Can’t we all just get along?

Recent Events

In the US, we’ve got serious problems. We’re stressed-out over COVID-19 and the upcoming presidential election. It seems we’ve forgotten how to treat each other respectfully when leaving the house. Sure, let’s blame it on the lock-downs. Maybe we’re simply out of practice. Because something just isn’t right.

A warning for all video links below. You’ll see violence and hear adult language within these videos. Please use discretion when viewing.

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

In July, at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, a video shows three women in their early twenties rushing a Spirit Airlines gate desk. They attacked three Spirit employees with anything they could find within reach. A possible cause for the fury was a delayed flight. The 3 women were subsequently arrested.

I’m at a loss for any possible circumstance to condone that behavior.

Don’t Make Me Get Off This Plane

In July as well, at the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport, a video captures a brawl in the airport terminal.

The flight finished boarding. Then, an intoxicated woman refused to get off the plane at the request of the crew. This was at least partially to blame for the pilot canceling the flight. Everyone deplaned and shortly after the fight broke out.

The video shows a lot of people standing around watching this unfold or recording it. It’s not clear if anyone actively tried to find security to end it.

Interestingly, both incidents above were flights to Philadelphia. What’s up with the people from the city of brotherly love?

Going All Night

In September, at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport, a video catches a woman freaking out after the flight boarded. She had some big plans for the evening you don’t normally share with strangers. Security escorted her off the plane after quite a show.

I’m hopeful her outburst was the result of an explainable accident. Otherwise, I’m concerned about her mental health.

No Shoes, No Common Sense

In September, at the Miami International Airport, a video records a woman attempting to jump over an American Airlines counter to do who knows what.

The gate attendants refused her boarding because she wasn’t wearing shoes. Apparently, she forgot them at security and thought oh well. Her traveling partner escorted her away after he pulled her off the counter. But, a short time later police arrested them both.

In an interview after the arrest, the couple admitted to drinking before getting to the airport. That’s such a terrible excuse. She also said she doesn’t come to airports that often. And, she should probably keep it that way.

It’s Not A Concert

Smartphone video recorders are truly a fantastic advance in technology. But, a dark side in how we use it is developing.

No one should put themselves in harm’s way. However, when people try recording an event like the paparazzi instead of seeking out security is a disappointing societal regression.

Serious injuries can result from these fights. Is that lost on those recording these events? If someone needs help, at the very least find the police or security to intervene.

Be Cool

Watch out for craziness if you’re hopping on a plane sometime soon.

In these tough times, we need to remember travel should be an exciting adventure. You’re paying to go someplace. Make it fun and enjoy the journey. Even if the flight is delayed, canceled, or otherwise. While you’re at it, stay out of jail.

And, please respect your fellow passengers, crew members, and airline staff. Everyone’s intentions are the same. To get you to your destination safe and sound.

Read. Plan. Travel. Repeat!

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